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The Faculty replaces the cumbersome manual steps of traditional recruitment.


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Begin the recruitment process by posting opportunities. Jobs can be viewed publicly by The Faculty’s entire curated network, or share the job with selected educators that suit the role. Track job listings and manage shortlists with our suite of in-built recruitment tools.


  • Post jobs in minutes using our quick post functionality
  • Track opportunity views, expressions of interest and more
  • Share jobs directly with ideal candidates
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"RMIT Online delivery is facilitated entirely by educators discovered through The Faculty."

Dawn G.



Connect with candidates

Use The Faculty messages to discuss employment details with candidates and communicate hiring outcomes.


  • Communicate with candidates in real time
  • Attach supporting documentation to conversations
  • Track when your messages have been received
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Great. If there is any additional information I can provide, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Angela J.

Hi Angela

Thank you for showing interest in our advertised position.

We are currently reviewing applications, and will be in contact over the coming weeks.


Paul S.

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